The Story Behind Mola Mola.

You could say, that mola mola began with our father. In 1967, our father, Gus Nikas bought College Variety, a busy store that sits at the corner of Alfred and Earl Street a block from the hustle and bustle of Queen’s University. Over the years, we saw it transform from a pharmacy, to a soda shoppe to a corner store featuring gourmet, local and organic foods. For years, we, his three sons cleaned floors, stocked shelves, had our cheeks pinched by professors and housewives alike, and grew up alongside the neighbourhood kids and students, going to school, embarking on adventures, and coming home again. Today, Steve, Jim, and Paul Nikitopoulos are the proud owners of what has become Campus One Stop.

It was here, that we debuted our signature mola mola coffee. The vast majority of Campus One Stop clientele are the caffeine dependent professors and students from Queen’s University. While coffee options on campus are far from limited, we wanted to offer them more than just adequate coffee. It was our goal to give our valued customers the option to enjoy fair trade, organic coffee conveniently and affordably.

But it didn’t stop at coffee. We made a point of offering our customers the best products we could find, such as: handmade pastas and gourmet pasta sauces, locally made jams and preserves, award winning chocolates, and whole array of locally sourced produce, meats, and cheeses. Since the beginning, we’ve trusted our instincts and our taste buds in helping us choose the very best gourmet products for our valued customers.

Gradually, the requests to send Campus One Stop’s gourmet products, and mola mola coffees to friends and family across the world became too loud to ignore! What began as making the occasional gift basket upon request for last minute hostess gifts or birthday presents, has become the mola mola you see here today! These same arrangements were the inspiration for the gift baskets that you will find on this website.

We are constantly adding new products to our already vast selection of gourmet options! We are grateful to everyone who has made mola mola the success that it is today! There’s something incredibly gratifying about having a room full of tissue paper,  and the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the air.

Steve Nikitopoulos for mola mola,  the world's best coffee